Self storage units for rent in Bangor, Maine

MaineSpace Climate-Controlled Storage in Bangor

Outside temperatures always vary. They always have. Always will. Our inside temperatures at MaineSpace are designed to stay in a constant range in Bangor, ME. Renting a climate-controlled storage unit at MaineSpace in the Bangor Mall area conveniently next to I-95, and I-395 gives you peace of mind that your belongings are being kept at a constant range of temperature and humidity. If your stuff stays happy, chances are you’ll stay happy. And we always strive for happy at MaineSpace.

Climate-controlled storage is the far better option for any item typically stored: Documents, electronics, furniture, clothing, pictures, tapes, media, you name it, it’s almost always better indoors within a regulated environment. Climate-controlled storage can help protect your belongings by ensuring they never get too hot, cold, or humid.

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