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A new sales cycle brings a new sales tool


Bangor has historically hovered above or below the magical 32,000 population mark for our beautiful city on the Piscataquis river. With the city’s growth and newcomers coming from all over Maine, there’s always a need for a local expert to showcase Bangor’s best features while navigating the MLS to find what their clients are looking for.

Just like our community relies on a trustworthy realtor for finding the perfect living space, often times they have to simultaneously rely on someone to hold onto their belongings during the transition. MaineSpace makes it a point to reach out to each real estate professional and appraiser to achieve a higher level of trust and assurance with each transaction.

Storage and real estate go hand-in-hand. Real estate within the Piscataquis has its unique challenges which need to be met with creative solutions. With a lack in inventory, buyers may opt to sell their house and wait for the right property to come up before coming to a decision. With MaineSpace in mind, realtors can have another sales tool at hand to professionally and confidently consult their clients on the best storage area in Piscataquis county. MaineSpace is here for agents, buyers and sellers to streamline the process to create value and opportunity for better transactions.

Buyers and sellers have more information than ever before, clutter can sit and delay a transaction. These housing decisions can be accelerated with each respective party assured their belongings are secured before the final decision. With climate-controlled storage and a free month from MaineSpace everyone can be ready to execute without having to worry about the hassle clutter can create when closing a transaction.

Why MaineSpace when there are so many storage options available? We’re new, community focused and specialize in the highest customer satisfaction possible. When agents refer a client to us, they can rely on a personalized experience in line with the outstanding experience their agent has already provided. Our locally-owned team of storage professionals can coordinate moving dates, work with local movers and help realtors close more deals in an efficient and timely manner.



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